World-wide, trillions of dollars are being lost each year due to oudated pricing mechanisms.

We fixed that.

Research shows that in most organizations 2-7% of their margins are lost each year due to out of date price management techniques

Annual Revenue

Potential Revenue Increase


How we fixed it

We’ve built a data driven hyper intelligence engine that fully manages pricing decisions in real time and down to every single business transaction

Decisions in real time

A never sleeping machine that constantly tests millions of scenarios every second, delivering incremental revenue positions for your organization

A holistic thinking brain

It is not just math, LogiCluster is trained to correlate subjective behaviours and properly attribute them to brand affinity, product loyalty and emotional purchase decisions

Peer into the future

With its powerful algorithms, LogiCluster engines mixes internal dynamics with external macros to produce increasingly accurate forecasts of your revenues on a 6-12 months continuous basis

How does it work?

Data Primer Module

Automated scripts that collects, label and primes your existing data for proper use

One time operation Etc. Duration 36 hrs.

A.I. Engine

A set of constantly advancing, self learning and highly intelligent algorithms

Every 7 s.

Control Module

A piece of software brilliance that is engineered to talk to your existing systems with minimal system disruption and swiftly delivers the optimized price point to every identifiable interaction point

Every 3 mls


Fully customized

Logicluster is built on top of your data, and is tailored to your business needs, no two implementation are the same. This allows the utmost value extraction of every quoted price point.

Environment Agnostic

Whether you run an off the shelf core enterprise software, or a custom made proprietary system, Logicluster integrates seamlessly with your environment whatever it is at a zero down time.

Data Security

when required, Logicluster can be an on premises solution, your data stays with you and is not exposed to the public. This is the only way you could minimize the risk of data breach due to handling down to zero.

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